The West’s Oldest Amateur Futurity

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Silver Sire Stallion Donation Procedure

In order to complete a stallion's donation to Silver Sire, the stallion owner must provide the following:

1. A completed Stallion Donation form, which includes all of the requested information including signature of stallion owner certifying that they will abide by current rules of program.

2. A copy of the stallion’s AHA registration certificate, with ownership information to match information provided on the Stallion Donation form. In the event that ownership information does not match, additional documentation must be attached to explain the difference.

3. A $500.00 donation fee if the stallion does not meet one of the following criteria: (1) is a U.S, Canadian, or International Champion, Reserve Champion or Top Ten, (2) is a Scottsdale Champion, Reserve Champion or Top Ten,, (3) is a Scottsdale Signature Stallion, (4) is a Las Vegas World Cup Champion, Reserve Champion or top ten, or (5) is an Egyptian Event Champion or Reserve Champion. Make checks payable to Silver Sire Breeders, Inc.

4. A photo of the stallion (hard copy or emailed) to be used in Silver Sire Futurity promotion materials.

By nominating his/her stallion into this futurity, Stallion Owner understands that if there are no bids or if the minimum bid is not met on the stallion, Silver Sire Breeders will continue to advertise that breeding online at until the auction is officially closed. Stallion owners of breedings not sold will have 90 days from the date the auction is officially closed within which to purchase the breeding to their stallion.

Please understand that failure to give truthful information on the form above can lead to review by the Silver Sire Breeders Auction Committee and the Board of Directors.

To donate your stallion, please fill out the Stallion Donation Form and send it to:

Silver Sire Breeders, Inc
8600 Osage Rd, Reno, NV 89508