The West’s Oldest Amateur Futurity

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Silver Sire Breeders, Inc., is the governing body of the “West’s Oldest Amateur Futurity.”  Begun in 1989, the initial board of directors included Conrad Priest, Doris Bradford, Gaylan Bradford, David Estum, Garth Ross, and Norm Evans.

Originally, only offspring of stallions standing in Nevada were eligible to show; however, a few years ago the decision was made to solicit breedings from stallions outside Nevada in order to broaden the reach of the program. How far we’ve come! Over $80,000 was awarded to class winners in 2023 and the pot keeps growing each year.

About Silver Sire Breeders, Inc.

The Silver Sire Breeders, Inc., was formed to promote the ownership and breeding of fine Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. What is a great way to get people interested in owning one of your young Arabians? Show them how beautiful and talented they are, and that Arabians are GREAT family horses. We’re here to help you market your young horses and stallions by sponsoring an amateur-only horse show with the classes comprised of babies produced from breedings bought through the Silver Sire Stallion Auction or breedings from mares which have been nominated through the mare nomination program and bred to any purebred stallion. The Silver Sire Futurity Show is geared to help amateurs in their showing experience have FUN and win $$$$$. Please check out all the links on our website to learn how you can buy a breeding, nominate a more, or just come as a spectator in July.   If you have questions after you’ve perused our website, we’ll be happy to answer them—just contact us at the email address provided.

Silver Sire Breeders, Inc., is very proud and thankful to be affiliated with the Arabian National Breeders Finals in Scottsdale, Arizona, and to hold our annual Silver Sire futurity show in conjunction with that show each fall.

Original Silver Sire Board